RIA25MD promo codes - RiaPromos

Send money from Moldova to Ukraine!

discount in all your transfers

This promotional code is valid from April 1st to May 31st, 2023.

Check the locations of our partners participating in the promotion:

Send money with Ria and get 25% of discount unilimited times during the promotion

  1. Go to any location of these Ria partners – Moldindconbank, Victoriabank, maib, FinComBank, Posta Moldovei and Euro Credit Bank.
  2. Ask for Ria service for sending and provide the Promocode RIA25MD to get 25% discount.
  3. Complete the details of the order.

Regular fees for money transfers to Ukraine

0.9% of money transfer amount (min. 2 USD/EUR)

*You can find more details at Ria partners locations in Moldova

Payout in Ukraine

  • Payout in cash available in USD/EUR 
  • Payout via remote channels – mobile applications Privatbank24, monobank, Oshad24/7, Abank24, PUMB Online
  • Bank Deposit service – instant payout to ANY payment card in Ukraine

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