Lucky Draw and Instant Win Promotion - RiaPromos
Promo Period: 9 April till 16 May 2021

Unfortunately this promotion has ended

The lucky draw was held at 10am, 20 May 2021 via Facebook Live and the video footage can be seen on the Ria Facebook page 

Winners of each lucky draw:
– iPad – Aaron with order AU1647881148 
– $500 Woolworths WISH eGift Cards – Amalia with order AU1469897748
– Bose Headphones – Maria with order AU1709649948
– Apple Watch – Muhammad with order AU2112925148
– Oppo 5G Mobile Phone – Carleen with order AU1469442248
– Evolve Drone – Loida with order AU1760953648
– Bose Sunglasses – Romano with order AU424371260
– $500 Send Credit with Ria – Eudocia with order AU1648954748
– $500 Send Credit with Ria – Lizardo with order AU1787705548
– $500 Send Credit with Ria – Lizardo with order AU1648273148

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