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Send money to Armenia just for 1$/€

You can send money easily and immediately with Bank Deposit service to the payment cards and accounts of ARARATBANK, just for 1 USD/EUR regardless the amount!

This promotion is valid till 31th of August 2023

Brief description of the Bank Deposit Service in Armenia with ARARATBANK

Service hours: 24/7

Accounts number:

  • Payment cards – 16 digits of the recipient’s payment card
  • Bank account number – 9 to 21 digits

Speed of sending: immediately

Payout currencies: USD, EUR, AMD
Transfers sent in USD/EUR will be credited to clients’ accounts in the same currency (USD and EUR) if the client has an account in the corresponding currency with ARARATBANK.
If client does not have USD/EUR accounts with ARARATBANK, transfers will be converted into AMD and credited to the corresponding AMD account.

Limits: 20,000 USD, 15,000 EUR, 7,500,000 AMD when sent to ARARATBANK

Introducing changes into the transactions:Changes into the transaction are not allowed: in case of an error when entering the data for the beneficiary, transfer must be canceled and resent. The commission of the canceled transfer will be always returned to the Sender!

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